Friday, April 20, 2018
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Ubyssey staff are members of The Ubyssey Publications Society who are not on the editorial board, but have contributed at least three times during a year and have attended 3 of 5 consecutive staff meetings. They are able to vote at all staff meetings, and can vote in the 2013/2014 editorial elections.

Catherine Guan

Nick Adams

Kanta Dihal

Marlee Laval

Angela Tien

Carly Sotas

Alex Meisner

Luella Sun

Jenny Tang

Adrienne Hembree

Mehryar Maalem

Jack Hauen

Kosta Prodanovic

Olivia Law

Jethro Au

Bailey Ramsey

Jenica Montgomery

Austen Erhardt

Alice Fleerackers

Nikos Wright

Milica Palinic

Jovana Vranic