Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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UPDATED: UBC chapter of Kappa Sigma shut down by national office

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As of Oct. 8, the UBC chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity is no longer in operation.

The chapter’s charter was revoked by the Kappa Sigma national office on Monday for “code of conduct violations.”

“The chapter has been found in violation of our code of conduct and the charter of the chapter has been withdrawn,” said Kappa Sigma executive director Mic Wilson.

Wilson would not discuss the details of the case.

“The appeal process has to be complete, and it’s not complete. So it’s premature to really talk about that or look at what their particular situation might be,” said Wilson.

The chapter has 30 days to appeal the decision. During the appeal period, they will not be able to operate as a fraternity.

Wilson said that the fraternity was previously operating under sanctions from the international office, but did not discuss the details of the sanctions.

UBC Interfraternity Council (IFC) President Gene Polovy said that Kappa Sigma’s house in the Fraternity Village is owned by the fraternity’s alumni association. Any decisions about what would happen to the many fraternity members living in the house would fall on them.

Wilson said that if the appeal isn’t successful, the international office won’t have any hand in the situation for the house and its occupants. “The house really belongs to a local corporation, and so they would have to determine what happens with the property,” he said.

Polovy said he just became aware of the situation with Kappa Sigma, and the specifics are between them and their international office. He said the IFC would meet in the next few weeks to determine if Kappa Sigma will remain a member of the organization.

If Kappa Sigma’s charter is not reinstated, they will no longer be members of the IFC.

According to Polovoy, the current members of Kappa Sigma would not be allowed to join a new fraternity if their chapter remains deconstituted. Any uninitiated pledges, however, would be free to join other fraternities.

He said it would be up to the fraternity’s international office to determine if current Kappa Sigma members would be considered alumni of the fraternity.

Kappa Sigma has been at UBC since 1941. Wilson said that the fraternity will likely maintain a presence on campus.

“We’ve had a long history there, and a very successful history there. We’re going to have a chapter at the University of British Columbia, so it just depends on what comes out of the appeal process as to whether or not the chapter is reorganized now or whether it would be recolonized at a point in the future,” said Wilson.

Wilson emphasized that the decision is not yet final. “We’re trying to determine, again, what is presented in the appeal process, allowing the men to have their say, and we owe them that,” he said.

This is a breaking story, and will be updated as new information comes in.

  • Notorious BOP


  • Gavin

    An initiation gone horribly awry? Wouldn’t be surprised.

    • bunny

      Uhh ksig initiation is mid November. They were on probation for previous violations and had been a no-alcohol house, some random guy tweeted a pic of another guy doing a keg stand in the house in one of the pre school parties.

  • James

    Well they showed up with about 25 guys to a Rec floor hockey game because one of their guys got in a tussle with an opposing player. Then made threats that kept the 7 guys on said opposing team inside the arena over at Osborne. So brave. Could be part of it, it did happen about 2 weeks ago. RCMP were there.