Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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UPDATED: Truck leaked approximately 100 gallons of diesel fuel in Wesbrook Village

Crews attempt to stop the flow of spilled fuel on South Campus wednesday. Photo Hogan Wong/The Ubyssey

Crews attempt to stop the flow of spilled fuel on South Campus Wednesday. Photo Hogan Wong/The Ubyssey

A diesel truck leaked approximately 100 gallons of fuel at the corner of Binning Road and Birney Avenue in Wesbrook Village today, according to Vancouver Fire Department spokesperson Gabe Roder.

The leak was reported at 12:45 p.m. today. Roder said some of the fuel entered the storm drains before the fuel could be contained.

Roder estimated 30 gallons entered storm drains, but said the exact amount couldn’t be confirmed. Mike Giannias, a UBC staff member from Building Operations who was at the scene, gave a similar estimate.

“Some of it has gone into the storm system prior to us getting there,” said Roder.
The leak happened after debris on the ground broke the truck’s fuel line, which connected two tanks containing approximately 300 gallons of diesel fuel.

The driver of the truck described the incident as a simple accident. “I was backing the truck up, and probably some rocks and dirt got caught underneath my truck, and they ripped out one of my fuel lines. Then my truck stalled, and there was diesel coming out,… It was kind of a shitty situation,” he said.

Giannias said the ripped fuel line ran between two separate diesel tanks, one of which began to spill. He said that when the fire department arrived at the scene, they wound up plugging the leak, and transferred the fuel remaining in the leaking tank to the other one.

As of 4 p.m., the leak had been stopped and bulk of the spilled fuel was contained with a sand dike.

Roder said an environmental company will take the diesel-soaked sand away to be decontaminated.

“It went into the drain, and supposedly it’s made its way down to the bottom of the fish ponds down here,” said Giannias. He said MacRae’s Environmental, a Delta-based company, was being called to clean up the aftermath.

—This story had been updated as new details emerged. The original story referred to the truck as a diesel tanker containing 300 litres of fuel, leaking due to sideswiping a tree. In fact, the leak was due to a ruptured fuel line on a diesel operated truck containing 300 gallons of fuel. The leak has since been stopped.

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    pretty sure it’s more than 300 litres…