Monday, February 20, 2017
Last updated: 1 year ago

Justin McElroy temporarily steps down as Coordinating Editor

Due to recent developments in the AMS elections campaign, Justin McElroy has temporarily stepped down as coordinating editor of the Ubyssey.

Following the revelation late Friday night that presidential candidate Jeremy McElroy may have been engaging in slate like behaviour with VP External candidate Mitch Wright, an offense punishable by disqualification, McElroy called an emergency staff meeting and requested that Ubyssey staff members accept his temporary resignation.

“We have a responsibility to fairly and objectively report on this,” said McElroy in an email to staff. “I feel I am unable to do my duties, given the magnitude of the situation.”

The McElroys are cousins, and while Justin never has any part in coverage of Jeremy’s portfolio or activities, he felt that this time the conflict of interest was too great.

Paul Bucci was named interim coordinating editor, and will oversee the running of the Ubyssey for the time being. Justin said he hopes to be reinstated at the next regularly scheduled staff meeting.