Thursday, February 23, 2017
Last updated: 1 year ago

Like a little: The Twitter of unrequited love

There, you have the dewy-eyed romantics, baiting their hook for love and laughter, sharing and caring, long walks and quiet talks. There, you have the perennial train wrecks with their plaintive cries of “Why doesn’t anyone love me?” And over yonder, a regular suggests that you should get together some time. Clothing optional. Last names unnecessary.

You don’t need to troll the Pit Pub on Wednesday nights to observe the mating ritual of your fellow T-birds., a more liver-friendly option, allows you to compliment a crush or bemoan a missed connection, all behind the anonymity of a computer screen.

“We’d like to think of the site as a flirting-facilitator platform, or FFP, for advanced users,” said Evan Reas, who founded the site with a few friends while studying at Stanford.

Just this December, Dillon Craig, a third-year film studies student at UBC, brought Like a Little to UBC’s campus. After signing on to the UBC homepage using a valid interchange email account, you can enter the gender, hair colour and location where you spotted the swoon-worthy specimen, then follow with a flirty message.

Other users can then send a reply, leave a comment or like the posting under a randomly generated fruit name, or ‘like’ the comment on Facebook.
A typical posting may read:

At IKB3: Female, Black hair.
You’re in a blue sweater, laughing with another guy. I’ve loved you forever, why don’t you notice me?

Irving K. Barber Library is quickly emerging as a hub of love. “I guess there is a lot of procrastination going on there,” said Craig with a laugh. “It’s a good place for ‘bird watching,’ as they call it.”

First-year Science student Genie Cheung had her tongue planted firmly in cheek when she made her first posting.  “On Christmas Eve, I wrote a flirt to Santa Claus, caught red-handed in Irving Barber.”

They range from salacious —

At Room: Male, Black hair
You got a nice rear end.

—to earnest.

At Class: Female, Black hair
I skip class alot, but everytime I show up, you’re always there in the front row. I just want you to know that hair tuck thing you do behind your left ear is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, and its probably costed me what little attention I had left.

Others get brownie points for shooting from the hip:

At WRCUP: Male, Blonde
Culture Editor of Ubyssey. I just -want- him.

The increasing popularity of online flirting has some worried. Have our social skills atrophied so much that we can’t engage in face-to-face banter? “I certainly think our generation is more prone to socializing on the internet,“ said Craig. “I just see it as a natural evolution in terms of how we communicate.”

It does seem like a natural progression from cruising down Main Street for a piece of action during the automobile-crazed 50’s to trolling the waters of cyberspace in our times.

The time for final exams is sneaking up on us. But according to Craig, there is no better time to start posting on Like a Little. Examination period last semester saw a surge in flirting activities as students looked to ease their stress with a little loving.

A word of advice from Reas: “Be cute, be genuine … those are the types of posts that are most likely to get responses.”

“But remember,” said Cheung, “the first impression you make is related to how you communicate. If u sned a flrit liek dis den u r w8ting 4 a disastur 2 hapen.”