Saturday, March 17, 2018
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CiTR is bringing free music to students

Andy Resto is behind two weeks of free live music at the new SUB. Photo Olamide Olaniyan / The Ubyssey.

Andy Resto is behind two weeks of free live music at the new SUB. Photo Olamide Olaniyan / The Ubyssey.

UBC’s radio station CiTR is central to campus music and cultural life, and to kick the new year off they are back with Live @ Lunch — a series of free gigs held at the new SUB from 12-2pm from September 8-18.

CiTR’s digital music director Andy Resto has programmed a blend of different genres to suit the diverse UBC population.


“One thing we try look for when booking bands and artists is something that is, in a sense, welcoming,” he said. “We want for people walking around to hear music outside it won’t send them running away.”

This year the music is a mix of pop, folk and indie rock, largely made up of local groups.

“Seven of them are from Vancouver and one of them, the Back Homes, is from Victoria,” said Resto. “Of those, two or three are student bands — we try to keep the focus on local Vancouver bands. Also this year, the last one on Friday is an artist who’s touring from New York originally. She’s playing here in Vancouver the night before, so she’s going to play Live @ Lunch the next day. That’s something we haven’t really managed to do before. We’re pretty excited.”

Late Spring is a band with three UBC alumni, and the members are looking forward to coming back to campus to perform in the new SUB.

“Live music is more than what is advertised, and what’s on the radio, so I think that’s exciting,” said KC, lead guitarist for the band. “Performing for new students gives them recognition of new kind of freedom of expression. I think in university you’re in the beginning stages of finding what’s right for you, and that’s a good place to be.”

Ace Martens is performing their “noise lounge” at Live @ Lunch on September 11, bringing their influences from English groups in the late 80s and early 90s.

“In university there are a lot of people who aren’t from here and maybe new to town,” Martens said. “They’re interested in different sorts of things and want to know how to get involved so it’s also a great opportunity for them to check out CiTR and other opportunities.”

Vancouver singer Ora Cogan’s newest EP has been played a lot recently on CiTR, and the self-taught musician has been touring in Europe and the States for the last seven years.

“Being a part of indie music scene as it were in Vancouver and getting exposed to all sorts of different kinds of bands and different approaches to music is pretty inspiring,” she said. “Playing for students is always fun — CiTR support a lot of good indie music and I know there are a lot of good bands lined up.”

Resto is looking forward to the first two weeks of the semester. “it makes it a warmer environment,” he said. “It really opens the space.”

CiTR will also be broadcasting the performances every day on 101.9 FM.

With files from Priya Singh