Monday, February 20, 2017
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UBC rockers 41st and Home take it to the streets

Courtesy of the artist

The members of 41st and Home give new meaning to the term “garage band.”

When Thom Kolb and Garth Covernton, both UBC students, met at a guitar club event, Covernton told Kolb about the soundproofed, instrument-filled garage in his dad’s house.

The roots of the band took hold, and it quickly expanded to include pianist Patrick Fiore, a coworker of Kolb’s, violinist Sejal Lal and bassist George Knuff. Kolb assumed the singer/guitarist position while Covernton took to the drums.

The band recorded and released their second album, Raised by Wolves, in the spring of 2011. The album is a more energetic work than their first effort, Left in Places, with more experimentation in rhythm and time.

Though the powerful sounds of the album may sound as though they were recorded in a studio, Raised by Wolves is technically a garage album.

“We set up inside the garage and we thought we’d record demos in there and then try to get a label backing and go into a proper studio, but then the demos just turned into the album. We recorded everything in there,” said Kolb.

Knuff, the band’s bassist, is an audio engineer. With some rented and borrowed equipment and reading break, the band finished recording the album a little over a month after its conception.

Over the summer, the band went on tour in Canada. Despite the fact that the entire band got sick towards the end of the tour, making for physically and mentally taxing shows, they report it as a success.

“In the last show, we had a 15 minute intermission, which I spent dry heaving,” said Kolb. He added, “Now we know what the worst possible scenario for a show is, so that was good in some ways.”

Back from the tour, the band began to think about a music video for the song “Gorbachev” off Raised by Wolves.

“’Gorbachev’ is a fun song, and so we wanted to make a fun video for it while maintaining a semi-serious tone,” said Kolb. Hesitant to give away too many details, he added, “There are a lot of water balloons, a lot of water guns… a lot of water.”

The band is currently a part of the Peak Performance Project, and will be playing a showcase on October 6 at the Redroom. They are also raising proceeds for the Orphan Wildlife Rehabilitation Society with a forthcoming remix EP and a few shows around campus.