Friday, April 20, 2018
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Reddit answers questions about life at UBC

Graphic Jack Hauen / The Ubyssey

Graphic Jack Hauen / The Ubyssey

It’s natural for first years to enter UBC full of questions, and the folks at r/ubc are doing a hell of a job answering them. Here are a few of the most popular questions from their Housing and New-To-UBC megathreads. Keep in mind, they’re still answering queries, so if you have one that isn’t addressed in either of the threads, you can post it yourself.

Q: Does a larger room really make that much of a difference?

large room

A: Yeah, a bit.

Q: What’s the internet speed like in residence?


A: Awesome in the new houses, mediocre-bad in the old ones.

Q: Is it weird that I haven’t gotten an acceptance letter yet?

acceptance letter

A: You have a few days before you need to start worrying.

Q: What is the (underage) drinking life like at UBC?


A: Completely acceptable if you’re not an idiot.

Q: Does a “discussion” class mean I’ll have to actually discuss things?


A: Yep.

Q: Is it worth going to frosh?


A: If you like drinking and new people, sure.

Q: How hard is it to transfer into a different faculty?


A: Fairly straightforward, but you have to wait until next year.

Q: Can I bring a router to my dorm?


A: Yes, but an ethernet cord means faster internet.

Q: Which phone carrier is the best?

phone carriers

A: The major ones all have the same coverage and almost the same plans. You can probably find better deals at a smaller carrier that runs off the same towers.

Q: Will my food be okay in a shared fridge?


A: Probably.

Q: Can I store hunting rifles in my dorm?


A: No.

Head over to the threads for more: Housing, New-To-UBC. Hint: ctrl/cmd+F, then type a word that relates to your question to see if anyone has already asked it.