Monday, May 21, 2018
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Faces of UBC: Who do you want UBC to make you?

Graphic Jack Hauen / The Ubyssey

Graphic Jack Hauen / The Ubyssey

Photos Arjun Hair / The Ubyssey

HOUBC Photo 1

Rachel Lau (First year)

I think the first thing is that I want it to make me more insightful. I think that’s the biggest thing. ‘Cause I’m a first-year, so this is all kind of new to me, and I think being able to be here with people from all different backgrounds and different stories … will provide a lot of insights and new views that I can take in.

[HOUBC - Photo 2]

Visha Thamboo (Fourth year)

Oh wow. Okay. Um, I want UBC to make me someone who is recalled fondly. So that, whenever someone says my name, they kinda have that smile on their face.

[HOUBC - Photo 3]

Matthew Loss (Graduate School of Population and Public Health)

Hm. Good question. I think I want UBC to make me a type of person that is able to be interdisciplinary. To be someone who can pull from various subject areas that seem disconnected and connect them to solve a problem that we all face.

[HOUBC - Photo 4]

Katie (Third-year psychology)

I want to be more organized, I guess.

[HOUBC - Photo 5]

Amelia Casciola (First-year Science)

A better person. I want to become more open-minded — everyone here is so diverse — I want to try new things. Just, like, broaden my horizons.

[HOUBC - Photo 6]

Charlie Hoang (Fourth-year math)

Someone that is engaged in his studies. UBC is such a beautiful campus, it’s hard to focus on the academics at all. It’s my last year, so I want to boost my GPA sky high.

[HOUBC - Photo 7]

Karla Perez Franco (First year)

A mature person.

[HOUBC - Photo 8]

Tobias Larsen (Third year)

Probably a better economist, I don’t know.

[HOUBC - Photo 9]

Philip Austrom (Fourth-year music)

I guess more driven and goal-orientated, because right now I have no idea what I want to do.

[HOUBC - Photo 10]

Sim Sidhu (Second-year geological engineering)

I want UBC to make me a better person. As long as I am a better person [when I graduate] than I am now, I feel like UBC [will have] succeeded.

[HOUBC - Photo 11]

Curtis Logan (First-year Arts)

More prepared for the world.

[HOUBC - Photo 12]

Aisha Lakhdhir (First-year)

A person that is well-rounded, grounded, and makes good choices intellectually, extra-curricularly and socially.