Monday, May 21, 2018
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The seven best cups of hot chocolate at UBC

Photo Samantha Dadd / The Ubyssey

Photo Samantha Dadd / The Ubyssey

With the weather getting colder and the true essence of Raincouver beginning to show, many more desperate dollars will be exchanged for steamy cups of hot chocolate in the coming weeks. The Ubyssey sent Samantha Dadd to some of the most popular places to get hot chocolate in a quest for the best cup on campus:

Photos Samantha Dadd / The Ubyssey

Place Vanier Dining Hall ★★

Cost: $2.51 retail, $1.73 for residents. ★★★★
Flavour: A very milky/sweet mix, not extremely chocolatey. ★★
Temperature: One burnt tongue later, I have discovered that this hot chocolate is way too hot for immediate consumption. ★
Presentation: Did it myself.


Mercante ★★

Cost: $3.75. ★★★
Flavour: Extremely milky and sweet, hardly chocolatey enough for my taste. ★★
Temperature: Perfect warmth, good for your freezing fingers and shivering teeth. ★★★★★
Presentation: Very frothy at the top, which made it look super cool. ★★★★


Stir it Up Café ★★★

Cost: $3.45 ★★★
Flavour: Just a hint of chocolate — unfortunately another drink that was mostly milk. Not bad. ★★★
Temperature: Perfection — warm and soothing but not a single burn. ★★★★★
Presentation: It’s always fun to watch them make it in front of you, but the staple white cup doesn’t do it any favours. ★★★


Tim Hortons ★★★

Cost: $1.62 ★★★★★
Flavour: Sweet and rich, it’s a very good and affordable improvement to any day. It’s understandable why so many stop there to get a quick smooth drink before class. ★★★★
Temperature: Unfortunately, I forgot to get one of those cup holders. So I had to run to find a surface to put it down on before burning my hand. ★ Presentation: The red and brown on the cup are complimenting colours and the shameless Canadiana could make anyone feel extra nice. ★★★


Starbucks ★★★★

Cost: $3.62 ★★★
Flavour: This one wasn’t just chocolate, sugar and milk. I’m sure they added a little something extra — something legitimate and authentic. I can’t put my finger on it, but it made me really want to take a photo of it and put it on Instagram. ★★★★
Temperature: I burnt my tongue. ★★
Presentation: Whipped cream was a bonus. ★★★


Blenz ★★★★

Cost: $4.05 ★
Flavour: Creamy and deliciously sweet with a hint of caramel and a whole lot of love. ★★★★★
Temperature: I had to wait a couple of minutes. ★★★
Presentation: It looked like the underdog, but delivered one of the best flavours. ★★


The Boulevard ★★★★★

Cost: $4.29 ★
Flavour: Sweet with a hint of cinnamon and every sip was greeted with the frothy sweet layer on top. ★★★★★
Temperature: It warmed my cold heart — I can love again. ★★★★★
Presentation: Words cannot express how amazing this looked. Its radiating beauty restored my faith in humanity. ★★★★★

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  • Brandon Barnes

    This had me dying of laughter, good job!

  • Vijay Raj

    Boulevard is so good.